Hell and Hollar – 442 EP (Independent) 13 July 2018

By Kenny Lenehan

Floridian Stoner rock explosion Hell And Hollar released 442 on 13 July 2018. I take a look into the world of Hell and Hollar below.

‘Low And Slow’ opens the proceedings with its groove-based riff that has a bluesy undertone.  The production is clean without being overly polished.  Vocals remind me of Frank Zappa with a similar sense of humour with the lyrics, “You will be just shittin’ the rest of your days”.  There is a great solid rhythm section laying down the groove-based foundations.

‘Double Wide’ opens with an interesting phasing effect that is accompanied by thunderous locking rhythm section, building the main riff.  An instant head-banging vibe with some classic sounds.

‘Desert Dust’ has an undeniable QOTSA influenced sound, groove and feel.  A slightly busier track in comparison with the others.  One for the desert rock fans for sure.

A solid EP that is fresh sounding with some old skool flavours here and there with some interesting lyric choices.

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