Jessica Lynn Live at the Ice Box, Glasgow 11 August 2019

By Kenny Lenehan

After interviewing Country Crossover sensation Jessica Lynn in April, it felt only right to catch Jessica and her band live at the Glasgow date of their European tour on 11 August 2019 at The Ice Box Arts And Music Centre.

Upon arriving during the opening act, Jordan Stewart set the vibe to a content audience that fills the packed Ice Box venue with a mellow atmosphere. The mixed crowd made up of mainly of 30 plus year olds with varying tastes. I managed to introduce myself to Jessica and husband Stephen briefly before they hit the stage and it was a pleasure to meet them both.

Jessica Lynn opened her set with ‘Turn It Up’, which had the audience firmly in her grasp. The band was welcomed warmly by the mixed audience who had been tame so far.

Automatically the outfit strikes me as being an authentic slice of Americana. 

“Who’s ready for a good time?! This song is called ‘Gettin’ Around It’”, Jessica address’s the still fairly tame audience that swiftly energizes with the audience clapping and interacting more enthusiastically. There is a great energy from Jessica that fills up the room. The atmosphere is still relaxed and very different to rock audiences.

At this point during a guitar change Jessica joked to the audience “If any of us go down…don’t put it on YouTube” to which the audience chuckled. The cover of Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls” was authentic and had its own flavour that could easily have passed as an original.

‘Let’s Don’t’ started with Jessica telling a story of the last time the band were in Scotland and lap steel player “Bob” was named “Legend Of Scotland”. “Are you having a good time so far? We need more dancers!”. 

Next up Jessica explains that the next song ‘Crushin’ was written by herself and friends Allman Betts Band. Which the crowd interact with backing vocals and clapping. Some excellent lap steel guitar playing. I particularly enjoyed this number which was possibly my favourite of the show.

“I hope you enjoy this next song…. I wrote this song in a motel in Arkansas”, ‘You Wouldn’t Know’ which had a darker blues sound. A Mellower track, yet still had a high energy that resonated through me.

‘Better Than That’ proves popular and had the crowd captured with fantastic musicianship and flawless vocals from Jessica.  Later they covered ‘9 to 5’ by Dolly Parton which fills the place with a new energy, at this point Jessica invites a friend from the audience to join on backing vocals. As expected, a full house cheer that leads into a Segway to a rendition of ‘Heartache Tonight’ by the Eagles. ‘Roadhouse’ has Jessica encouraging the audience to do a lasso motion when the lyrics “Roadhouse” and “Country Western Music” are mentioned and has the audience interacting in tandem.

Last song in the set was a fantastic rendition of ‘Jonny B Goode’ which impressed me as it was performed in their own sound and flavour. At this point Jessica swapped guitars with lap steel player Bob then he played an expressive and impressive guitar solo with Jessica adopting the drums. During the outro Jessica thanks the audience for attending and informs the crowd that she will be signing items at the merch stand.

Reaching the end of the set the audience demands more…of which Jessica and band deliver with their own rendition of ZZ Tops ‘Tush’ featuring impressive harmonica from Jessica.

It was a completely different experience to a rock show and my first time seeing a Country artist live! The musicianship was first class and the performance flawless.  I recommend you check out Jessica’s work and catch her live as it’s a positive and uplifting performance. Such a pleasure to catch the show in an intimate environment and Kudos goes to Jessica for performing so energetically in such a cramped stage consisting of all six members featuring her husband Stephen Sterlacci on Guitar, father Peter Calamera on Bass, Mother Victoria Calamera on Vocals and Brian Duke on Drums.

Jessica Lynn Interview

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