Bury Tomorrow / Employed To Serve / Blood Youth @ SGW3, GLASGOW Wednesday 18 December 2019

Review by Kenny Fleetham / Photography by Allan Maxwell

Bury Tomorrow are an English melodic metalcore band from Southampton, consisting of front men Dani Winter-Bates and Jason Cameron, guitarist Kristan Dawson, bass-player Davyd Winter-Bates, and drummer Adam Jackson.

This is the second time I’ve seen Bury Tomorrow in Glasgow and the energy they bring to the stage is explosive!  I went to see these guys on Sat 13th December 2018 and what a lineup that was! Bury Tomorrow were on tour with the new album Black Flame and the support was outstanding!


Blood Youth were ready, and the gig was about to start…… the stage lit up awaiting Blood Youth and it was clear that this night was going to get mental. The band walked on to the stage to a great crowd and they really got my attention right from the start. These guys have a sound that is hard to describe, vocals were clear and even though it was my first time hearing the band, I could really get into the songs. The guitarist and bassist both going hard and moshing in time with Kaya in the middle stood looking right into the crown awaiting the beat before launching into some amazingly clear metal vocal work that I could understand every word; even though extremely heavy! Usually when I go to gigs and don’t know the support, I struggle with hearing what the vocals are, but this was amazing to hear exactly what he was singling! Crisp, clean and tight performance that got the crowd pumped at the start of the night!


The crowd were in for a proper wakeup call! Employed to Serve run on the stage encouraging the crowd to get the room moving and from the first beat of the drum the place got crazy! A massive circle pit was raging, and crowd surfing got going within no time! This band was seriously impressive to watch live. The sheer energy from all members of the band got the place pumped and as I turned to check out the fans behind me, it was clear that these guys had some serious fans up in Scotland! I was stood to the right of the stage and couldn’t stop watching Richard Jacobs (Guitarist) who was like a front man the entire gig, yet he had no mic! Richard was screaming along as he shredded his guitar flawlessly. I was amazed that he could move about, sing and play so tight! I could hear his vocals even though he was not mic’d up, his energy on stage transferred to crowd. This band are so tight. I was honestly amazed at how good they were live, and all members of the band were so in tune. I found myself standing smiling at the fact these guys love what they are doing, and they were amazing live!

I can’t think of any band out there that will come at you with this much energy and play as tight as they did! There was a clear message and it was enjoy yourself and let yourself go! The room didn’t disappoint as they recorded 64 crowd surfers during their set!

Sad news to hear that Robbie Back (Drummer) will be leaving the band at the end of the tour to focus on his family and other ventures. The band are a real tight group and we wish him well. Seriously great drummer and I hope to be hearing more of his stuff in the future!

Lead singer, Justine Jones was doing it for the girls, and I say that with massive respect because this is by far the most amazing female metal vocalist I’ve seen and heard live. I would go as far to say THE BEST female I’ve ever seen front a metal band. I was blown away with her vocals and range! I know I’ve used this word a lot during the review but the energy from all members of this band was outstanding!

I managed to catch up with Sammy Urwin after the gig and it’s so great to see someone so happy doing what he does! Sammy gets the place going to the next level. Big things will come for this band as they know how to bring it! I will be following this band and hope to see them again soon.


Bury Tomorrow…These guys BRING IT! Dani encourages everyone in the room to have an amazing night! Dani really shows his fans that he is there to enjoy his time with them! He is a great front man and knows how to treat his fans and also anyone that is there for the first time. If you’re at the gig to see the support acts, I can guarantee you go home a Bury Tomorrow fan! Dani also gave respect to the staff that work hard at SGW3. The amount of crowd surfing at this gig was keeping them extremely busy!

Bury Tomorrow came with an early Xmas treat, Dani announced that they will play the BLACK FLAME album back-to-back the way it was meant to be played! The one thing I’ve noticed about lead vocalist Dani is his energy and it’s so infectious. He can get the entire room bouncing!

During the set there was a pause as Dani opened up the pit for a special occasion. A BT fan entered the pit and took the mic and went down on one knee to propose, she said Yeeeeeees! Phew! Jason (guitarist/vocals congratulated the couple and dedicated ‘YOU AND I’ to them. The energy in the room was at 11. A massive circle pit was spinning with crowd surfers heading to the stage like they were on a conveyor belt. The crowd were in for a treat after BT played the full Black Flame album set.

Dani took some time to speak the crown on a personal note but also to reach out to anyone having a hard time, feeling low or struggling with mental health. Dani said “Music saves lives, I was in a real dark place in my life a few years back and I found a way through it. You guys are why I am here”.

After hearing the full album played, I was expecting one or two extra songs, but Jason announced FOUR songs to the crowds delight! The sweat dripping from all members of the band and the energy cranked up to 11 again the crowd were in for another gift. It was like Xmas in a mosh pit! The second last song of the night was ‘The Grey’ (VIXI) Bury Tomorrows latest song and the first time the crowd were going to hear it live! This was the song that Dani said he wrote about his time in a dark place in his life! VIXI screamed at the start of the song got the place in full swing again and many in need of water with so much energy in the room. Respect to the staff at SGW3 for keeping everyone safe as the crowd had an amazing night doing what metal fans do best! After the show it was amazing to see the bands taking the time to sign albums, take some pictures and chat with their fans! RESPECT!

Big shout out again to all the staff at SGW3, the staff were amazing and great to see the metal fans having fun! Two words to sum up the night ENERGY and TIGHT!

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