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Puddle of Mudd – Welcome to Galvania (Pavement Entertainment) 13 September 2019

By Debbie Steir

Wes Scantlin has been delighting as well as disappointing fans since forming Puddle of Mudd in Missouri in 1991.  I tend to liken Puddle of Mudd fans to NY Giants fans – a tenacious lot that never give up hope and remain loyal.  I have seen this man give a kick ass performance and then three months later have a meltdown performance during the same tour.  He did his usual forget the words and then walk off stage.  Pissed me off to no end.  Didn’t even perform ‘Drift and Die’.  Maybe if he did, I would have been more forgiving, but I digress.  I got over it and ten years later there I was a ticket holder for the “Resurrection Tour” (2018) not knowing what to expect having just recently read about his one year of sobriety.  Front row center I witnessed a great show put on by a man struggling with his demons yet determined to keep his shit in a bag in front of a capacity crowd.  When it was over, I found myself wondering how long it would last.  I know I’m a bit harsh. 

Well, here I am a year later reviewing “Welcome to Galvania” – Puddle of Mudd’s first album in ten years released 13 September via Pavement Entertainment.  Welcome to Galvania debuted at #21 on  iTunes Charts and is comprised of eight new songs plus a “clean” version of ‘Uh Oh’ – the first single released off the album.  You can find the official music video for this tune here and it’s pretty funny.  If you like ‘She Fucking Hates Me’, you should enjoy this one. 

The music writing is still top-notch.  This album is loaded with catchy riffs, fun choruses and those light-hearted self-deprecating lyrics that I have come to love over the years; yet, it somehow feels different to me.  This new music feels like it’s coming from a different place now. Honestly, I wasn’t digging it on first listen; however, I’m finding the more I listen to this album the more it grows on me.  Am I going to be able to accept this new man and his new band?

I now have the chance to test myself.  I’ll be covering Muddfest 2019 September 22 in Orlando, Florida, at Ace Cafe.  I have always loved the fact that PoM plays these smaller venues as well as the large arenas. Judging from social media posts from this tour in support of the new album and new life is going splendidly.  Joining Puddle of Mudd on this tour is Trapt, Tantric, Saving Abel, and Saliva (lineup is subject to change).  Upcoming tour dates can be found here and you can get your copy of Welcome to Galvania as well as a bunch of other good stuff here.  Fingers crossed I’ll hear “Drift and Die” this time around.

Track List:

  1. You Don’t Know
  2. Uh-Oh
  3. Go to Hell
  4. Diseased Almost
  5. My Kinda Crazy
  6. Time of Our Lives
  7. Sunshine
  8. Just Tell Me
  9. Kiss It All Goodbye
  10. Slide Away
  11. Uh-Oh (clean version)

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Senses Fail – From The Depths Of Dreams (Pure Noise Records) Release Date – 06 September 2019

By Kenny Lenehan

Senses Fail are celebrating history with the re-release of the band’s debut EP, From the Depths of Dreams.  Featuring updated versions of Senses Fail’s earliest songs, From the Depths of Dreams is out now via Pure Noise Records. Fans can purchase it online and check out a brand-new music video for ‘Bastard Son’ here. It can also be streamed via Spotify and Apple Music.

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The Survival Code – Crosses to Carry, Coffins to Fill (Good Deeds Music) Out on 16 August 2019

Written by Vaim Hull

The UK based rock outfit The Survival Code was for me a totally unknown one, despite their apparent success with their sophomore full-length last year.  This Summer they released a little five track EP named ‘Crosses to Carry, Coffins to Fill’ and I’m happy that this little gem was my introduction to this band.

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Mallory Knox – Mallory Knox (A Wolf at Your Door Records) 16 August 2019

By Debbie Steir

Besides Madonna growing another year older, (the Material Girl turned 61) August 16th also brought us the newest release from U.K. band Mallory Knox. This self-titled album via A Wolf at Your Door Records features Sam Douglas, bassist, on vocals who took over behind the mic after former vocalist  Mikey Chapman quit the band in February of 2018.

For those who don’t know the band was named after Mallory KnoxJuliette Lewis’ character in the 1994 movie “Natural Born Killers”.  Unlike Lewis’ character who survives (spoiler alert) this Mallory Knox has decided to call it quits after their upcoming twenty-three date U.K. tour currently underway.  On September 9th,  they announced on their Twitter the mutual decision to dissolve the band.  After a quite a successful, decade long career, I am sure this was not an easy decision for any of the remaining band members.  Mallory Knox fans seem disappointed at this announcement but also seem to be handling it well, sad, but well.

This self-title is their fourth and final album.  It’s filled with thirteen tracks of what I found to be quirky, jump up and down music.  I can honestly say it doesn’t suck and I can totally picture the U.K. punk scene.  I’m just not much of a punk fan.  Never have been.  All that aside ‘Psycho Killer’ and ‘Chaos’ are my favorite tracks.  I think ‘Chaos’ would be great to see performed live.  Check out Mallory Knox the album and find your favorite tunes as well as Mallory Knox the band on their swansong tour. 👍👍👍


  1. Psycho Killer                         8. Black Holes
  2. White Lies                             9. Four
  3. The World I Know                10. Radio
  4. Live Wire                               11. Heartbreak Lover
  5. Wherever                             12. Guts
  6. Freaks                                    13. Chaos
  7. Fine Lines

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ROAM – Smile Wide (Hopeless Records) Released 06th September 2019

By Gary Coleman

ROAM, a pop punk band from Eastbourne UK, will be releasing their third album entitled ‘Smile Wide’ on 06th September 2019 via Hopeless Records.  Recorded in Texas with producer Machine (Fall Out Boy, Clutch, As It Is), the band wanted to develop their sound and move into new territory such as grunge, nu metal and alternative sounds.

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Implore – Alienated Despair (Century Media) 27 September 2019

By Greg Hyde

German-originated, pan-European-based quartet Implore here unleash another 11 songs of brutal, guttural, and angry death metal-influenced grindcore, following the underground success of their first two albums, ‘Depopulation’ (2015) and ‘Subjugate’ (2017).  If you find that description off-putting, then bear with me, for this third album from the band is far from your standard grindcore dirge.  Whilst this type of music can often be fairly monotonous (to put it bluntly), ‘Alienated Despair’ features songs that should appeal to fans of bands operating in genres as divergent as blackgaze, hardcore, crust punk, and noise rock.

For example, opener ‘Faculties of Time’ sounds like it could have come from the last KEN mode album, albeit with guitars that sound far less trebley and more multi-tracked.  Equally, ‘Abandoned Desires’ sounds akin to Deafheaven’s heavier work played at double speed.  An intriguing aspect to the album from a rhythmic point of view is the D-beat sound that songs like ‘Parallax’ and ‘All Consuming Filth’ have.  It’s also worth mentioning that the feedback intros and outros to many of the songs on ‘Alienated Despair’ could well appeal to noise rock aficionados. 

All this isn’t to say that Implore don’t have a raw power to them though.  ‘The Constant Dissonance’ is one of the ugliest, most brutal, flat out heaviest songs you will hear this year, and I imagine it will make you feel like you’re having your chest pummelled when played in a live setting.  The swaggering breakdowns in ‘Let the Pleasure Destroy Me’ recall tough guy hardcore bands like Terror and Madball.  Elsewhere, ‘In Apathetic Isolation’, ‘The Venom Comes in Droves’, and ‘Despondency’ sound like they could inflict mass injuries upon a moshpit. 

With ‘Alienated Despair’, Implore have managed to produce a grindcore album that is both powerful and nuanced.  They have avoided ‘the monotony trap’ into which so many grindcore bands can fall and recorded songs that draw upon a wealth of influences and stylings from across the spectrum of aggressive music.  They sound like their live shows would be energetic, deafening, and (most importantly) lots of fun.  This album could well appeal to fans of bands like Deafheaven, KEN mode, Converge, Discharge, The Body, and Full of Hell.

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Nemesea – White Flag (Napalm Records) 23 August 2019

By Debbie Steir

Friday, 23 August, saw the release of Nemesea’s new album White Flag on Napalm Records.  Consisting of fourteen tracks this is their second album released with Sanne Mieloo as front woman.  The music credentials Sanne sports is quite impressive to say the least.  She is more than an apt replacement for Manda Ophuis (the original voice and birth mother of Nemesea).  I imagine this was quite an arduous task.  Probably along the lines of seeking a replacement for Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil – bite my tongue that never comes to fruition.

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Gost – Valediction (Century Media Records) Release Date 04 October 2019

Mysterious Dark Wave, genre bending producer Gost released Valediction on 04 September 2019 having recently signed up to the Century Media Records roster after touring extensively with label mates 3teeth.  Amassing a cult following worldwide on an underground level will Valediction be the release that debut’s Gost to the masses? Check out my thoughts below.

Upon selecting the opening track ‘Restless Passing’, it instantly delivers an audio assault that leaves a lasting impression.  Featuring black metal style blast beats and integrity which eventually mellows to an ambient chill out feel before bursting back into full on brutality. I won’t forget this track anytime soon . . . insane.

‘Bloody Roses’ reels me in with its fun, dark synth lines and throwback feel but I can’t help wonder when will mayhem ensue?  A personal favourite straight away it has a single vibe but its original.  Future goth club anthem?

It’s hard to choose a definitive track on Valediction as each has its own flavour, sound and integrity, but some of my favoured moments so far are ‘Severance’, ‘The Call Of The Faithful (Faithless)’ and ‘Push’.  You really have to experience ‘Valediction’ for yourself!

I can say one thing for certain, it belongs in anyone’s playlist. . . its brutal, full on, original and has some fun moments! 10/10 from me!

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DragonForce – Extreme Power Metal (Metal Blade Records) Release Date – 27 September 2019

By Kenny Lenehan

Titans of power metal DragonForce are most memorable for their classic tracks ‘Through The Fire And Flames’ and ‘Fury Of The Storm’ and are still going strong after 20 years as they release their eighth full length Extreme Power Metal on 27 September 2019 via Metal Blade Records.

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Lacuna Coil – Black Anima (Century Media Records) Release Date – 11 October 2019

By Kenny Lenehan

Italian gothic metal giants Lacuna Coil need little introduction since forming in 1994 they have risen to become a metal staple. Their unique blend of melodic mayhem has captured audiences worldwide with the classic tracks ‘Heaven’s A Lie’, ‘Our Truth’ and the iconic rendition of Depeche Mode’s anthem ‘Enjoy The Silence’ reaching cult status.  After announcing a winter tour in support of Black Amina (all UK dates sold out in record time) the hotly anticipated follow up to 2016s ‘Delirium’, which won over fans and critics alike,

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